Forbidden Fruit / Dolorblind

TBR014 - Dolorblind's Forbidden Fruit is finally out on all streaming platforms. Check out this gorgeous 7-track EP is a journey that is bound to envelop you with a wide array of emotions.


"Forbidden Fruit EP is a collection of life-encounters recorded forthwith during the past three years. Going through a transition in life from graduating design school and realising responsibilities to getting the first job and ultimately joining the irrepressible race of life has been tedious. With this EP, I wish to celebrate that journey as a last 'hurrah' and tribute to the youth which has passed and like many things in life, wasn't appreciated enough at that moment. It has documented feelings of failure, success, anxiety, love, euphoria, exhaustion and most importantly chasing happiness. Most of the tracks are written and produced in different houses I resided in Delhi in the last three years and some recorded in my hometown Patna."

- Dolorblind